Project Managers


Architecture and Engineering Staff: 

  • Ron Schaefer, Director, Facilities Planning & Project Management   O-402-559-4503, C-402-981-7696
    • Mike Faber, Manager, Construction Services   O-402-559-4503, C-402-681-8930
      • Paul Straub, PE, Engineering Project Manager   O-402-559-4502, C-402-981-7918
      • Don Dickmeyer, Construction Project Manager   O-402-559-7170, C-402-981-7564
      • Nick Knopik, Construction Project Manager   O-402-559-8244, C-402-350-2067
    • Melinda Pearson FAIA, Manager, Architectural Services   O-402-559-8508, C-402-499-3722
      • Robert Dietrich, Lead Architect   O-402-559-4504, C-402-981-7536
      • Mark Sjogren, Architect   O-402-559-4505, C-402-981-7527
      • Mic Tierney, Construction Project Manager   O-402-559-5261, C-402-516-5603
      • Dan Grice, CAFM Administrator   O-402-559-5191, C-402-981-7631
      • TBA, Design Drafter I    O-402-559-5011, C-402-659-9792
    • Dan Michalak, Manager, Electrical Engineering Services   O-402-559-5048, C-402-981-7917
      • Brian Dykstra, Electrical Engineer II   O-402-559-1977, C-402-490-4607
    • Nick Combs, Construction Project Manager   O-402-559-5292,  C-402-981-7367

Primary Mission: 

The Architecture and Engineering Department is responsible for capital projects, new construction and renovations; from design, coordination with design consultants, construction and occupancy. A&E maintains all campus record drawings, as well as the campus space utilization database. Campus planning and interior design services are also provided. 

All the Architects, Engineers and Project Managers utilize AutoCad and Revit, through the Facilities Management and Planning file server, to produce and maintain bidding and record documents. The Campus Space Utilization database is maintained using FMSystems in conjunction with the AutoCad Software.