AIG/Macori Insurance/ Major Medical

Part-time students may also purchase this student insurance plan by calling (402) 559-7276.

Questions: Please call (402) 559-7276, Bennett Hall 6001. Web site: Student Health Insurance. (This is the site for the Student Counseling office, which helps students with health insurance questions.) You can go to AIG/Macori's website directly as well. 

In addition to the Student Health Clinic services, which provide routine out-patient health care, the University of Nebraska Medical Center requires full-time students to have in-patient/hospitalization insurance. The University has contracted with AIG/Macori, Inc., underwritten by the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA., and a member company of AIG Educational Markets, to provide in-patient accident/hospitalization coverage for UNMC students.

By special arrangement with the insurance carrier, the $500 Policy Year deductible will be waived for treatment received at the UNMC Family Medicine/Student Health Outpatient Clinic located in the Durham Outpatient Center and also when the student gets a referral to any specialty clinic at the UNMC campus for out-patient or in-patient services.

Students will also receive a 25% discount on all covered medical expenses provided by UNMC physicians on the UNMC campus only. The AIG/Macori Plan will pay 90% of covered medical expenses until $10,000 of benefits have been paid and then will pay 100% of remaining covered medical expenses up to $500,000 aggregate maximum per policy year. (See the UNMC student insurance brochure online at AIG/Macori's website.)

Students will automatically be billed for the insurance on their tuition/fee statements each semester if they are taking 12 or more hours (9 or more for non-nursing graduate students and 6 or more hours for graduate nursing students) and have not completed a student insurance waiver form (located on the Care website: If students have other insurance and do not want to enroll in the University's endorsed student health plan, they can fill out a waiver form online on the UNMC Care website.  

Please Note: The waiver is only available for students to complete during the 25 days prior to the start of the semester’s classes and only up to 14 days following the first day of classes.

Waivers must be completed within the above timeframe or else students will be required to pay for the insurance cost of $770 for that semester. Students who waive the insurance plan must fill out the information about their insurance policy on the Care website, and then must also present their insurance card upon check-in at the Student Health Clinic.   Please be aware that other insurance company's deductibles or co-payments cannot be waived, as there is no agreement between UNMC and other insurance companies.