Returning Students

Immunization Requirements for Returning Students

If  you are a returning student, you may only need to get your annual Tuberculosis (abbreviated "TB") test (called "PPD"). It is the responsibility of the student to make sure his/her TB (PPD) information is updated EVERY YEAR. 
[Fall 2014 Student TB & Flu Clinic Schedule]

To clarify, there are two stages of TB testing. As a returning student, you should be in the second group described below:

  • TWO STEP TEST: A student who has not had two years of consecutive testing (with the most recent being the current year) must complete a two-step test. (Step 1: Receive a PPD and have it read 48-72 hours later; Step 2: Seven days after first PPD, receive another PPD and have it read 48-72 hours later) 
  • ONE STEP TEST: After receiving the two-step test (which you should have received previous to this year), the annual test is just a one-step test (Receive a PPD and have it read 48-72 hours later). If you have documentation that you have received the two-step test previously and have an uninterrupted history of annual testing, then you only need the one-step test within six months prior to registration.
  • If you have ever had a positive PPD skintest result, please fill out the UNMC Student Health Annual Tuberculosis Review Form

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