The objective of this department is to prepare students to carry out their functions as leaders and coordinators of health care teams as they provide access to the health system and assume continuing responsibility for management of patients over a long period of time. More specifically, the program is designed to do the following:

  1. Provide a stimulating experience in a model of family medicine that will infuse the student with a philosophy of family medicine and an understanding of the role of the family physician.
  2. Help the student acquire excellent skills in diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients and technical procedures appropriate for family medicine.
  3. Help the student acquire the knowledge and appropriate depth in various fields of medicine encompassed by family medicine.
  4. Provide opportunity for the student to develop mature clinical judgment and appreciation of the limitation of his or her competence.
  5. Provide understanding of research and methodology in problems relating to the delivery of health services.
  6. Encourage students to develop life-long habits of reaming and an understanding of the role of continuing education in maintaining professional excellence.
  7. Encourage students to examine the viability of rural family medicine.

Electives offered are directed at offering varying experiences in Family Medicine for those interested in the career field or others who are choosing more restricted fields and wish to broaden their experiences. A written case report must be submitted to the Family Medicine Department as a requirement of all Family Medicine coordinated clinical rotations.