You’ll find that there are many advantages to living in western Nebraska. In our small communities, people are downright friendly and there’s always something to do--historical sightseeing; local theater; good hunting, fishing and golfing; and plenty of shopping.

The biggest advantage, however, may be our rural location. The climate is great--fresh air, low humidity, and plenty of sunshine. There are no traffic jams. Our schools are good, citizen involvement is strong, and our communities are safe. These are the kinds of things that probably attracted you to family practice medicine in the first place.

  • A great place to live
  • A progressive place to work
  • Join us!

Our wide open spaces have compelled Regional West Medical Center to become a leader in rural healthcare initiatives. Progressive healthcare plans are being implemented to meet the unique circumstances of large, sparsely populated rural areas--in advance of managed care issues that have , as yet, had little impact on our region.

We maintain strong partnerships with healthcare providers and institutions within and outside Nebraska, so that we can bring specialized services directly to our patients. Through Quality Improvement initiatives, we actively seek to improve service to those for whom we provide care. We are committed to education programs that not only draw quality professionals to our hospital, but also keep them in our communities.

We would be pleased to provide more information about our hospital, our community, and the advantages of the Regional West Medical Center Family Practice Residency Rural Training Track.