Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is the estimated cost of completing an academic year as a part-time student and includes tuition, fees, books/equipment, course/loan fees, living expenses, and other required costs as approved by your program. If you will be enrolled full-time, contact the Office of  Financial Aid for a cost of attendance adjustment.  These estimates are conservative by design, and in no way attempt to reflect differences in actual costs incurred by students with differing lifestyle choices. Living expense estimates are based on academic periods of enrollment; summer living expenses are not funded unless you are required to be enrolled.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not a bill. The University of Nebraska Medical Center reserves the right to modify the cost of attendance without prior notice.

Graduate Studies
Program Information

Program Year Resident Tuition Non Resident Tuition Books/Equipment Course Fees Loan Fees Living Expenses
MS* $3,480 $9,957 $1,040 $2,270 $340 $15,300
PhD† $5,220 $14,936 $1,030 $2,280 $370 $15,300

* Budget is based on an enrollment of 6 credit hours per semester.
† Budget is based on an enrollment of 9 credit hours per semester.