Experimental Irradiation Facility

This GCBA facility provides megavoltage photon irradiation services for experimental studies.

Examples of items that have been irradiated range from plant seeds, cells, lasers and implants (for sterilization).  The sizes of items that can be irradiated range from microscopic up to 100 cm wide, 100 cm long and up to 20 cm high (based on this area).  Note that exposure dose decreases by the inverse square law as the size of the object irradiated increases.

Total doses employed range from about 50 centiGray up to tens of thousands of Gray (megarads) for smaller objects at exposure rates ranging from less than 1 cGy/min to up to 500 Gy/min.

The facility provides trained, licensed operators to conduct irradiations.  Most users employ these trained operators for their irradiations.  It is possible to train individuals to irradiate, but this takes several months in order to meet regulatory requirements.  If you wish to arrange training, contact the Facility Director as noted below.

The Facility does not receive any financial support from GCBA/UNMC.  Consequently, it has to be self-supportive and there are user charges.

2012-2013 User Charges:

These are set up (facility operator) $56, set-up (own operator) $28, beam time charge $1.15/min (all users).

Charges are billed monthly in arrears. In addition, please be aware that these charges are automatically adjusted for inflation on July 1 of each year.  If you are a user, you will be notified of the new charges.  Generally, they have averaged about 3% for each of the past five years.

The available, by prior arrangement, GCBA operators are:

Sidney Clausen, BS                        sclausen@unmc.edu                  (402) 559-7292
Tracy Farrell, BS                             tracy.farrell@unmc.edu               (402) 559-4390


Surgery Faculty can also contact:

Craig Boyer, BS                                cwboyer@unmc.edu                 (402) 559-3095


and Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty;

Susan Brusnahan, BS                     sbrusnah@unmc.edu                  (402) 559-6421


For general information, questions or to report problems, please contact the Facility Director:

J. G. Sharp, PhD                               jsharp@unmc.edu                    (402) 559-4390