Research Overview

Our laboratory nurtures a wide variety of research areas in bioinformatics that can be broadly grouped under Novel method development, Data mining and knowledge discovery, machine learning, and the development of webservers and software for bioinformatics applications. Computational methods are essential tools for efficient data mining from vast amount of genomic data. Our primary research focuses on developing such tools and use them for knowledge-discovery, and also make them accessible to the biomedical research community via web-based applications. Development of a good bioinformatics application is a challenging task that involves finding right discriminative features from the training data, designing the algorithm (rules and heuristics), implementation (writing the code), performance optimization (testing) and making them accessible to the public (web servers/databases). 

Guda lab, December, 2013
From Left: Babu Guda, Nitish Mishra, Nagendra Chaturvedi, Simarjeet Negi, Akram Mohammed, Kristin Wipfler, Adam Cornish, Suleyman Vural, You Li, Xiaosheng Wang, Matyas Cserhati, Sanjit Pandey

Lab Members
Babu Guda - Associate Professor
Nagendra Chaturvedi - Postdoctoral Research Associate
Adam S Cornish - Ph.D. Student 
You Li - Ph.D. Student 
Akram Mohammed - Ph.D. Student
Simarjeet K. Negi - Ph.D. Student 
Sanjit Pandey - Bioinformatics Programmer/Data Analyst
Suleyman Vural - Ph.D. Student
Xiaosheng Wang - Instructor
Kristin E Wipfler - Ph.D. Student
Matyas Cserhati - Bioinformatics Programmer/Data Analyst
Nitish Mishra - Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ru Shen – Ph.D. Student

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