Carol Skowron Lomneth, Ph.D.


Carol Skowron Lomneth, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 1989
Director, Advanced Anatomy Laboratory for Research, Education and Clinical Skills
Member, Nebraska Anatomical Board

Phone: 402-559-7279
Fax: 402-599-7328


Dr. Lomneth’s primary focus in the department is teaching, she is involved with three of the four major cores for the first year medical students as well as lower level anatomy courses. She serves as co-director for the Structure and Development core and teaches in the Cellular Processes and Function of the Human Body cores. She is also director of the human anatomy course for post baccalaureate students.

  • University of Nebraska Outstanding Teacher Award, 2008
  • Golden Apple and Hirchmann Teaching Award, 2005
  • Alvin Earle Outstanding health Science Educator Award, 2004
  • Class of 1962 Basic Science Outstanding Teacher Award, 2004


Dr. Lomneth developed and directs the Advanced Anatomy Laboratory for Research, Education and Clinical Skills. This facility was created to support advanced anatomical study by physicians, residents and faculty. Each year about 400 health care professionals from 14 different departments or divisions make use of this valuable resource. Recent activities in the lab have included:

  • creation of educational models for clinical skill training
  • instrument development
  • resident training
  • surgical rehearsals

Publications listed in PubMed

Wadman MC, Lomneth CS, Hoffman LH, Zeger WG, Lander L, Walker RA. Assessment of a new model for femoral ultrasound-guided central venous access procedural training: a pilot study. Acad Emerg Med. 2010 Jan;17(1):88-92. Epub 2009 Dec 9.