Ryan Splittgerber, Ph. D.


PhD: University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), 2008

Phone: 402-559-4411

Email: ryan.splittgerber@unmc.edu


I am involved in teaching human gross anatomy and neuroanatomy to medical and allied health students. For the graduate students, I teach the neuroscience and serve as a teaching mentor.

Core/Course Directorships

  • Director for Medical Neuroscience (Core 4)

  • Director for Graduate Course GCBA 812 (Neuroanatomy)

  • Director for UNMC Gross Anatomy Facility

UNMC Gross Anatomy Laboratory

I currently serve as the Director of the gross anatomy laboratory on the UNMC campus. This facility provides medical, allied health, and nursing students with cadaveric dissection during the training phases of their careers. Additionally, the gross anatomy lab is used to continue the anatomical education of health professionals during their careers as well as pre-medical training for local high school students and national undergraduate students.