High-Throughput DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Core Facility

DNA Sequencing Fee Structure

The DNA Sequencing Core Facility assesses a fee of $6.50 per reaction for University of Nebraska system users. For academic users outside of the UN system the fee is $7.80

Service: The service includes the performing of the cycle sequencing reaction, the clean-up and resuspension, loading of the reaction product on the sequencer, and returning of the DNA sequence text file and associated electropherogram. In most instances this data is provided to the investigator within a single working day.

Reprocessing Policy: In the event that a given reaction does not yield quality data. The sample is reprocessed at the discretion of the facility to rule-out the possibility of operator handling error. If operator error is ruled out and the reaction fails due to quality of the DNA template or another confounding factor associated with the integrity of the sample itself, the investigator is assessed the $6.50 fee per sample. The facility is committed to providing high-quality service for the users of the core facility and will work with users to facilitate a positive outcome regarding the quality of the DNA sequence data.