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Summary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
The Kaiser Family Foundation

How Buying Insurance Will Change Under Obamacare
The Kaiser Family Foundation

Implementation of ACA Employer Rule Delayed
White House Press Office

It's No Contest: The ACA's Employer Mandate Has Far Less Effect on Coverage and Costs than the Individual Mandate
Urban Institute

Health Reform and You: Primary Care, Our First Line of Defense
The Commonwealth Fund Blog

A Guide to the Supreme Court's Decision on the ACA's Medicaid Expansion
The Kaiser Family Foundation

Analyzing the Impact of State Medicaid Decisions
The Kaiser Family Foundation

Cross-Cutting Issues: Insurer Participation and Competition in Health Insurance Exchanges: Early Indicators from Selected States
A report from the ACA Monitoring and Tracking Series at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

With Legacy on the line, Obama touts healthcare implementation
Washington Post



No Medicaid expansion, no coverage for some
Omaha World Herald

Multi-million dollar national ad campaign will pitch Obamacare to the uninsured
Omaha World Herald

22 Nebraska senators pledge to keep fighting for Medicaid expansion
Omaha World Herald

Senators not giving up on Medicaid Expansion
Lincoln Journal Star

Many Nebraskans already impacted by health care reform
Norfolk Daily News

Midlands Voices: Health reform 'good start'
Editorial by UNMC Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D. that appeared in the Omaha World Herald on May 14, 2010.



Medical center team takes on health care reform
UNMC Today
The UNMC, NMC, UNMCP team serves as a resource on health care reform.

UNMC shines during wild day of health reform activity
UNMC Today
Story highlights the health care reform conference and Senator Nelson's public meeting, both held on August 19, 2009.

Health care reform forum focuses on local viewpoints
UNMC Today
Read about our August 19 conference. View Dr. Keith Mueller's Bracketology slide for a great explanation of the status of the legislation and procedure moving forward. Watch Dr. Mueller explain the legislative process in this YouTube video.