Videos and Support Materials


"Stimulus Funding ARRA 2009 Challenge Grants & More" [Administrative and Support staff presentation]
Crystal Miller, MPA
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Administration

"Stimulus Funding ARRA 2009 Challenge Grants & More" [Faculty Presentation]
David Crouse, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Support Materials:

View Sponsored Programs Announcement on NIH RFP's announced in June 2009

Tips for Applying:

SPAdmin strongly encourages PIs and/or their designees to:

  • Notify SPAdmin if you intend to apply for Recovery funding
  • Complete applications as early as possible to avoid heavy traffic and possible server delays
  • Check the Federal Stimulus Home page for deadlines.
  • SPAdmin cannot guarantee successful submission of applications completed on due dates
    • Whereas the NIH has accommodated late submissions due to server delays at previous deadlines, the NIH has indicated it will not accept late submissions for Recovery funding, due to time constraints
  • Contact SPAdmin if you are not familiar with UNMC's grantsERAsubmission system and would like to schedule training
    • UNMC uses grantsERA to submit applications electronically to the NIH. Caution: Downloading application packages directly from or working on applications in Adobe creates technical problems during the submission process. Solution: Always download a new application package in grantsERA, and do not copy previously submitted applications.
  • Visit the following government websites, which provide timely information about Recovery funding opportunities: