White Papers

In September 2010, members of the UNMC, NMC, UNMCP group testified at an interim committee hearing about implementation of the Affordable Care Act, insurance exchanges, grant opportunities, health workforce, Medicaid and Accountable care organizations.  View the testimony

Released white papers:  
UNMC, UNMCP, and NMC have drafted a series of white papers to detail the impact of healthcare reform on various constituencies.  Please note that these were drafted prior to passage of the final legislation.

Areas of Health Reform Interest to Academic Health Centers 

Workforce Issues & Commentary

Universal Coverage Issues & Commentary

Payment and Reimbursement Reform

Universal Coverage Issues & Commentary: Rationing of Health Care 

Impact on Senior Citizens

Universal Coverage: Medicaid to Expand Coverage

Impact on the Business Community  

Other Documents:

Health Reform Acronyms 

Legislative Glossary 

Side-by-side comparison of health reform proposals 

Top 10 Healthcare Reform Claims 

Q&A from August 7 Employee Forum 

Glossary of Health Reform Terms

Notes about Nebraska Healthcare 

Upcoming papers
New white papers are not anticipated at this time.