Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience

Course Offerings in Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience (PHAR)

PHAR 907 --- NUERAL SYSTEMS & THE PHYSIOLOGY OF NEURONAL CELL POPULATIONS, 2 cr. biennially. This course aims to establish an understanding of population-level neurophysiology in human and non-human primates. Fundamental concepts to be covered will include biophysics of neural populations, dendritic potentials, cortical mini- and macro-columns, neural oscillatory dynamics, distributed processing, neural systems of the human brain, and supra-thalamic functional neuroanatomy. Prereq: BRTP 824, PHAR 820 and permission of instructor.

PHAR 814 — Scientific Writing, 2 cr.  Fall/Spring, annually. (Cross-listed as CIP 814)  This course develops the writing skills needed to prepare each section of a manuscript for submission to scientific journals, as well as figure design, use of reference software and responding to reviewer critiques. Students must have sufficient research data to support a preliminary manuscript, which will be constructed through completion of individualized assignments throughout the course.  Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 815 — Medical Pharmacology I, 5 cr.  Fall, annually.  General principles governing drug absorption, distribution, and excretion, the molecular mechanisms of drug action, and the basic and clinical pharmacology of the autonomic, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 816 — Medical Pharmacology II, 4 cr.  Spring, annually.  Basic and clinical pharmacology of agents affecting the central nervous system, pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems, the kidney and gastrointestinal tract, and infectious and malignant processes.  Prereq: PHAR 815 and permission.

PHAR 820 — Current Methods in Neurosciences, 2 cr.  Spring, annually.  The primary goal of this course is to provide graduate students, through lectures and practical laboratory exposure, with current techniques and methodologies in neurosciences that are most likely used in their thesis research.  Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 896 — Research Other Than Thesis, 1-9 cr.  Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 901 — Receptors & Cell Signaling, 3 cr.  Fall, annually.  A detailed description of receptors in terms of their roles in the recognition of neurotransmitters, drugs and hormones, and their regulation of signal transduction pathways in the cell. Discussion of the methods for in vitro and in vivo analysis of receptors is included.  Prereq: PHAR 815 or permission.

PHAR 922 — Neurobiology I, 3 cr.  Fall, variable years. (Cross-listed as GCBA 922) Presentation of current literature addressing the classical topics of neuroembryology, neurohistology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and neuropathology.  Prereq:Permission of instructor.

PHAR 930 — Neuroimmunology, 3 cr.  Spring, annually. (Cross-listed as PAMM 930)  The objective of this course is to provide essential knowledge towards a better understanding of the principles of neuroimmunology and pharmacology as they apply to the pathogenesis and pharmacotherapeutics of neurodegenerative disorders and disorders in which the immune system is implicated. The course is designed for in depth study of neurobiology, neuroimmunology, neuropharmacology, immunotherapy, and neurodegenerative disorders.  The course is based on the textbook Neuroimmune Pharmacology, edited by Ikezu and Gendelman.  Prereq: BRTP 821, 822, 824, and one GCBA Neurobiology course (922 or 932); or M.D./Ph.D. students fully engaged in their graduate studies. A background in immunology, such as a Medical Immunology course is highly recommended.

PHAR 950 — Special Topics in Pharmacology, variable cr.  Fall/Spring, annually.  Consult the list of graduate course offerings provided at the class registration website for the particular topic being offered.  Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 950A — Special Topics in Pharmacology: Pharmacology for Graduate Students, 2 cr.  Spring, annually. Prereq: Permission of instructor.

PHAR 970 — Seminar, 1 cr.

PHAR 999 — Doctoral Dissertation