Information/Important Resources

UNMC Student Health Center (Outpatient Services)

Graduate students taking more than five (5) hours or more in the Fall and Spring, or four (4) hours or more are required to pay Fund B which entitles them to out-patient ambulatory care at the UNMC Student Health Center. Students taking less than the above credits have the option of paying Fund B in order to obtain Student Health Center Services. Dependents may also be included in paying Fund B as it applied for such dependents.

Student Health Insurance (Hospitalization)

Health insurance for hospitalization is mandatory for full-time students. The student will be assessed the University’s insurance fee each semester unless they have proof of other insurance through a parent, employer, spouse, or spouse’s employer. An insurance waiver must be submitted by the student online through the University’s CARE website. Students may submit the waiver 25 days prior to the beginning of classes. The deadline for submitting the insurance waiver is 14 days after the first day of the beginning of their classes.


Student parking is available. Students can make inquiries and/or reservations from Parking Services at 402-559-5304.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans who are eligible to receive education benefits should stop by the Office of Financial Aid, Student Life Center, and speak with the VA representative. Certification will be mailed to the VA Regional Office after the first day of classes.

Student Mailboxes

At New Student Orientation, you will be asked to complete a form with your department’s zip code. All of your campus mail will be sent to this zip code. If you happen to be assigned a student mailbox on campus (not common), it is your responsibility to check your mailbox frequently.

Student Identification Badge (UNMC campus only)

All UNMC students are required to wear their identification badge while on campus. ID badges are issued to students who are officially enrolled in classes. Students should visit the ID office (located on the first floor of the Student Life Center) after their registration is completed.

Child Care Services

The Child Care Center is located in the Administration Center, 40th and Dewey. They accept infants through preschoolers. The center is open 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. For more information, call 402-559-8800.

UNMC Student Handbook

For other information on being a student at UNMC, please see UNMC's Student Services webpage.