Non-Degree Students

NOTE: Non-Degree Applications are accepted during a six-week period prior to the start of the semester. Start your application during this time frame.

Students who wish to take graduate courses for professional growth, improvement of skills, or transfer of course credits to a degree program at another institution, but who do not anticipate working toward an advanced degree at UNMC, may register as non-degree students subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must comply with all requirements for admission to the Graduate College (see link to the left).
  • The student must provide official transcripts reflecting receipt of an undergraduate degree or higher.
  • The student must comply with all UNMC policies regarding student immunizations prior to registration as well as all Compliance Training Requirements assigned.
  • Registration for each course taken as a non-degree student is subject to the approval of the course instructor and the Dean for Graduate Studies. In courses with limited enrollment, preference is given to degree-seeking students with full graduate standing.
  • Readmittance as a non-degree student requires completion of a new application each semester. The application fee is waived for current non-degree students continuing their studies into the next semester. Readmittance is contingent upon the student maintaining the same academic standards as degree-seeking graduate students.

Should such students subsequently desire to pursue an advanced degree, they may change their status from non-degree to full graduate standing by submission of a complete application to the Graduate College as a degree-seeking student and admission into an appropriate program by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Appropriate credits earned in the non-degree status may be used to fulfill graduate degree requirements only if approved by the program Graduate Committee, the student’s Supervisory Committee, and the Dean for Graduate Studies. No more than one-third of the course work applied toward a graduate degree may be taken as a non-degree student.

Please note that the Graduate Non-Degree Program is for those students interested in taking 800- and 900-level graduate courses. If your goal is to seek a Masters of Science in Nursing or Masters of Public Health, the Colleges of Nursing and Public Health each have their own non-degree application process. If you are interested in taking any other undergraduate or professional courses lower than 800-level, please contact the respective departments that offer those courses.