Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates

Tuition and fees charges are subject to future change without notice.


Fees that may be applicable to graduate students include the following:

Special Service Fees:


Late Fees:

Other Fees:

Some courses require payment of a laboratory or course related fee - these will be indicated on the Summary of Courses. A detailed list of fees is published in the UNMC Student Handbook.

Funding Resources

Loans. Students who need to borrow funds for college expenses should inquire at the Financial Aid Office, 402-559-4199 or email.

Assistantships. A number of teaching or research assistantships are available from various departments within UNMC. All inquiries regarding assistantships should be directed to the department. Graduate assistants must be registered during the period of their appointments unless specifically excused by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

A student on appointment as a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant is eligible to pay tuition and fees at resident rates if the stipend received is equal to or greater than the non-resident tuition and fees for 9 credit hours during an academic year semester (3 credit hours during a five-week summer session, 4 credit hours during an eight-week summer session).

During 2013-2014, tuition for 12 hours credit per semester was remitted by the University for students on graduate assistantships with at least one-third time appointments. Students holding such appointments should check with the Graduate Studies Office at the time of registration to determine if they qualify for tuition remission.

Fellowships and Traineeships. A number of restricted and unrestricted fellowships and traineeships are available to students at UNMC. To be eligible an applicant must be admitted to a graduate department or area with a degree objective. Students interested in applying for these fellowships should contact the Graduate Studies Office for information. Fellowship recipients are expected to devote full time to graduate study during the period of their appointment and may not engage in remunerative employment without the permission of the Dean for Graduate Studies.