Ph.D. Degree

Timeline Information - Ph.D. Students in Graduate Studies


Requirement  Timing  Procedure/Documentation 
Responsible Conduct in Research Course Offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Student encouraged to take as early in program as possible.  An email notification for registration is sent to students. Be sure to take action promptly after receiving the email, registration is limited. 
Draft of Program of Studies Within 9 months after matriculation (12 months for part-time students). Student and his/her supervisor must prepare and submit to the Graduate Studies Office a draft Program of Studies form that includes the designation of all required courses, options for electives, and the general area of research for the thesis (if applicable). *Draft does not require the signatures of the Graduate Program Director and the Dean for Graduate Studies.
Appointment of Supervisory Committee Within 12 months after matriculation (18 months for part-time students). Student completes the Appointment of Supervisory Committee via Seguidor (view Seguidor instructions). The final appointment to be approved by the Dean for Graduate Studies prior to the first committee meeting.
Initial meeting of Supervisory Committee plus Program of Studies Within 13 months after matriculation (19 months for part-time students). Discussion of selected coursework and student's general research direction/project.  Student completes and submits the Program of Studies form to the Graduate Studies office. 
Prepare Individual Development Plan By the end of the 1st year of Graduate study.  Most UNMC programs recommend use of myIDP. Contact your Graduate Program Director to confirm exactly which IDP tool/format is recommended. Submit the IDP Summary to the Graduate Program Director.
Routine meetings of the Supervisory Committee Every 6 months until completion of degree Student provides short summary of progress since the most recent meeting, and Supervisory Committee provides feedback.  The summary of progress should include research data and updates on coursework, publications, presentations, and awards.  Student or supervisor submits minutes of the meetings to Graduate Program Director and Graduate Studies office.
Request for Comprehensive Examination 2 weeks prior to the examination.  Note: the comprehensive exam should be taken at least 7 months, but no more than 3 years, prior to defense. Student submits the Request for Scheduling Qualifying or Comprehensive Examination form to the Graduate Studies office. 
Comprehensive Exam Report Form Within 7 days of completing the comprehensive exam. Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam, the student completes the Examination Report form signed by the student and the Supervisory Committee, then sends to the Graduate Studies office.
Admission to Candidacy After passing the comprehensive exam and completing the required coursework. The Application for Admission to Candidacy form must be signed all members of the Supervisory Committee and submitted to the Graduate Studies office.
Apply for Graduation By February 1 for May Graduation Apply on-line using the CARE website - select Campus Records then Online Forms and complete the Degree Application plus pay a $25 Degree Application Fee. Download PhD Dissertation/Graduation Paperwork packet.
By June 1 for August Graduation
By October 1 for December Graduation
Distribute Dissertation to the Supervisory Committee At least 4 weeks prior to the defense of dissertation. Members of the Supervisory Committee should provide feedback to the student within 2 weeks of receiving the document if there are major deficiencies.
Application for Final Oral Exam (Defense of Dissertation) and Exam Report At least 2 weeks prior to defense of dissertation The Application for Final Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree (part of downloaded packet) must be signed by student and supervisor and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office. The form should not be submitted if major deficiencies in the dissertation are noted by the Supervisory Committee. The Exam Report Form signed by the Supervisory Committee must be sent to the Graduate Studies Office within 7 days after completing the final Oral Exam.
Approval of Dissertation Upon successful defense of the dissertation Student should collect examining committee signatures on Title Sheet and the Report on Doctoral Degree form immediately following successful defense. Prepare remaining forms in PhD Dissertation/Graduation Paperwork packet, including the Proquest | UMI Dissertations (microfilming agreement) form.
Survey of Earned Doctorates No later than 1 week prior to commencement The SED gathers data on students educational history, sources of support, and their postgraduation plans. Submit the certificate of completion to the Graduate Studies Office with the dissertation and other forms from the PhD Dissertation/Graduation Paperwork packet.
Satisfying Requirements of the Ph.D. Degree Typically 7 to 10 days following successful defense but no later than 1 week prior to commencement for the semester in which student expects to graduate. Submit copies of the dissertation and other forms according to instructions from the PhD Dissertation/Graduation Paperwork packet to the Graduate Studies Office and McGoogan Library of Medicine . Pay Publication Fee. Return completed and signed Report on Doctoral Degree to Graduate Studies.
Awarding of the Ph.D. Degree Commencement at the end of the semester in which student satisfies Ph.D. Degree requirements. August graduates are invited to the convocation and commencement ceremonies in December (no ceremony in August).