General Information


Registration is accomplished before each academic term. Information and instructions regarding registration are circulated prior to the date of registration. Students must be formally admitted to the Graduate College to register in graduate courses.

Tuition and Fees
A partial listing of tuition and fees is provided below. Detailed information can be found at the Financial Aid website. Tuition and fees charges are subject to future change without notice. Prospective and current students should inquire at the Student Financial Services Office to obtain the latest information on tuition and fees.
Tuition is based on the number of hours enrolled. Tuition may be paid in full the first day of classes and must be paid not later than due date appearing on the statement mailed to student. During the 2013-2014 academic year, the tuition rates for graduate courses are as follows:

Tuition for Graduate Nursing Courses

  • Nebraska resident:  $439.50 per semester hour
  • Nonresident:  $890.50 per semester hour

Tuition for All Other Graduate Courses

  • Nebraska resident:  $285.00 per semester hour
  • Nonresident:  $791.75 per semester hour

Tuition Remission for Graduate Assistants
The University remits tuition for up to 12 hours credit per semester for students holding Graduate Assistantships with at least one-third time appointments. Students holding such appointments should check with the Graduate Studies Office at the time of registration to determine if they qualify for tuition remission.

Tuition Refund Policy
Students who withdraw may receive a refund of a portion of their tuition for the term in which they are registered. (See the UNMC Student Handbook.)

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

  • Graduate College application fee   $45.00
  • UPFF-University Program and Facility Fee Fund A (semester)   $5.00
  • UPFF Fund B-Student Health Facility (semester)   $99.75
  • UPFF Fund B-Facility Maintenance/Service Fee (semester)   $62.50
  • Student health insurance (basic plan/semester)   $770.00
  • Some courses require payment of a laboratory or course-related fee. Such fees will be indicated on the Summary of Courses portion of the billing statement.

Special Service Fees

  • Transcript of grades   $5.00
  • Abstract fee, Ph.D. degree   $55.00
  • Copyright fee (optional)   $45.00
  • Thesis/dissertation binding, per copy (pay at library)   $15.00
  • Graduation Fee (non-refundable)   $25.00
  • Returned check charge   $35.00
  • Add/drop course   $10.00
  • Replacement of student identification card   $10.00
  • Library fee   $3.00/credit hour
  • Distance Education Fee   $25.00/credit hour
  • Distributive Learning Fee (graduate nursing)   $25.00/credit hour
  • Late registration   $10.00
  • Late payment of tuition and/or fees   $20.00
  • Disenrollment fee   $100.00

Application for the Diploma
Each student who expects to receive a diploma must file an application for the diploma in the Office of Academic Records and pay a $25 non-transferrable, non-refundable graduation fee. Announcements concerning deadlines for applications are posted throughout the campus and published in the internal communications of the Medical Center and on the UNMC student website.

Commencement Exercises
Commencement attendance is required, unless explicitly excused by the Dean for Graduate Studies, for those completing degree requirements when a formal commencement is offered — usually in May and December. Those graduating in August have the privilege of participating in the next formal commencement.

A course may be audited with the permission of the instructor and the Dean for Graduate Studies provided that the student is academically qualified, there is adequate space and facilities, and the student is interested in the course but does not wish to earn academic credit. The student’s Advisor/Supervisor is normally consulted in this process.
Application forms for auditing courses may be secured from the Office of Academic Records. The cost for auditing a course is one-half the current resident tuition. Arrangements must be made to audit of a course before the final date for adding a course.

Drops and Withdrawals
Students may drop a course (see below for circumstances where students withdraw from the University) at any time during the first eight weeks of the semester. After the first week, a grade of "W" will appear on the transcript. The approval of the student’s Advisor/Supervisor, the instructor of the course, and the Dean for Graduate Studies is required. No student may drop a course after the deadline dates unless the student is able to demonstrate that conditions unforeseen at the time of registration, such as illness, will not permit continuance in the course. These unforeseen conditions will in no case be considered to include unsatisfactory scholarship.
Students withdrawing from the University are required to initiate their withdrawals in the Office of Academic Records. Grades are assigned by the instructor on the date of withdrawal. A grade of WP is given if the student is considered to be doing passable work; a grade of WF is given if the student is considered to be doing failing work at the time. The withdrawal form must be completed with appropriate signatures to insure appropriate entries for the permanent record.

Employment and Registration
Graduate students holding major fellowships, assistantships or traineeships are expected to be enrolled in a full program of studies and are not to engage in other remunerative employment without permission of the Dean for Graduate Studies.
Graduate students who are not employed, or graduate research assistants who are performing duties that are 100 percent thesis/dissertation related, may register for a maximum of 15 credit hours during a semester, 6 credit hours during one five-week summer session, 9 credit hours during one eight-week summer session, or 3 credit hours during a pre-session.
Graduate students who are employed are not to exceed registration limitations established by the Graduate Council. These limitations reflect the fact that graduate-level course work serves mainly as a guide for independent, scholarly study. Graduate students are expected to master the course subjects and to devote substantial time in independent library and laboratory investigation beyond minimum credit hour requirements. Graduate students who are employed, hold a teaching assistantship, or hold a research assistantship that is not thesis/dissertation related must not exceed the following registration limitations:

Maximum registration (credit hours)

Hours employed
per week
Fall or Spring
summer session
summer session
12-15 12 8 5
18-22 10 6 4
Full time 6 4 3

Any exception to these registration limits requires permission from the Dean for Graduate Studies upon recommendation of the committee in charge of the student’s program.

Full-time Status
Graduate students requiring certification as full-time students must be enrolled for at least 9 credit hours during a semester, at least 4 credit hours during an eight-week session, or at least 3 credit hours during a five-week session, whether or not the student holds a graduate assistantship. With approval of the Dean for Graduate Studies, students in the final semester of a Master’s degree program or candidates for doctoral degrees registered for fewer than the minimum hours required for a full program may be granted full-time status provided they are not employed more than 20 hours per week (half-time).

Intercampus Registration
Graduate students in good standing who wish to register for courses on a University of Nebraska campus other than their home campus must complete an intercampus registration form available on-line at or at the UNMC Graduate Studies website. After the form is processed, you will be contacted by the host campus for further registration instructions.

Nebraska Resident Status
Each term, students are asked to certify their residency as part of the registration procedure. Students who reside in a state other than Nebraska or who have recently moved to Nebraska must apply for resident status. The Office of Academic Records has full information on the requirements for residency and the forms for applying for resident status.

Interstate Reciprocity Agreement for Graduate Education
Under an agreement between the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska and the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, graduate students meeting the regular in-state requirements of the University of Missouri shall be regarded as in-state students at the University of Nebraska with respect to admission requirements, tuition and fees, scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships and other benefits normally available to Nebraska residents. Residency needs to be verified through the University of Missouri with a letter being sent to Academic Records.

Students Holding a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship
Any student on appointment as a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant is eligible to pay tuition and fees at resident rates if the stipend received is equal to or greater than the non-resident tuition and fees for 9 credit hours during an academic year semester (3 credit hours during a five-week summer session, 4 credit hours during an eight-week summer session).

Services for Veterans
All men and women planning to attend UNMC under Chapters 31, 34, and 35, and 1606, the educational assistance and vocational rehabilitation laws administered by the Veterans Administration, should inquire at the Office of Academic Records before they register to make sure all necessary steps have been taken.

Financial Assistance

Loans - Students who need to borrow funds for college expenses should inquire at the Financial Aid Office, 402-559-4199 or

Assistantships - A number of teaching or research assistantships are available from various departments within UNMC. All inquiries regarding assistantships should be directed to the department. Graduate assistants must be registered for full-time study during the period of their appointments unless specifically excused by the Dean for Graduate Studies. See Tuition and Fees for additional information relevant to students holding graduate assistantships.

Fellowships and Traineeships - A number of restricted and unrestricted fellowships and traineeships are available to students at UNMC. To be eligible an applicant must be admitted to a graduate department or area with a degree objective. Students interested in applying for these fellowships should contact the Graduate Studies Office for information. Fellowship recipients are expected to devote full time to graduate study during the period of their appointment and may not engage in remunerative employment without the permission of the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Student Rights and Responsibilities
The Bylaws of the Board of Regents at the University of Nebraska protect the rights of each member of the University community. Each individual has the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and each has the right to learn. With these rights comes the responsibility of each individual to maintain an atmosphere in which others may exercise their human rights and their right to learn. Chapter V of the Bylaws fully delineates the rights and responsibilities of students.

Access to Student Records
In accordance with federal law as established in 1974 by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the University of Nebraska Medical Center maintains the confidentiality of student records and allows students to inspect and review information in their educational records at the Medical Center. The UNMC policy statement concerning student records may be found in the current UNMC Student Handbook or in the Office of Academic Records.

General Procedures for Student Discipline Actions
In accordance with Section 5.4 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents and in order to insure the protection of students' rights, the University of Nebraska Medical Center has established general procedures that must be followed if any disciplinary action is proposed against students. Students will be informed in writing by the Dean for Graduate Studies of the specific charges, the supporting evidence, and the proposed disciplinary action. The Dean for Graduate Studies will also inform students of their right to appeal. The UNMC "Procedural Rules Relating to Student Discipline" may be found in the UNMC Student Handbook.

Academic Integrity and Professional Conduct
The University of Nebraska Medical Center has established a policy on academic integrity and professional conduct. This policy may be found in the UNMC Student Handbook. All graduate students are expected to adhere scrupulously to this policy. Cheating, academic misconduct, fabrication, and plagiarism are viewed as serious matters and will lead to disciplinary action as described in the Student Handbook under Procedural Rules Relating to Student Discipline. Additional materials related to Responsible Conduct in Research can be found in the Student Handbook.