Timeline Information - Masters Students in Graduate Studies


Requirement  Timing  Procedure/Documentation 
Draft of Program of Studies Within 4 months after matriculation (6 months for part-time students). Student and his/her advisor must prepare and submit to the Graduate Studies Office a draft Program of Studies form that includes the designation of all required courses, options for electives, and the general area of research for the thesis (if applicable). *Draft does not require the signatures of the Graduate Program Director and the Dean for Graduate Studies.
Appointment of Advisory Committee Within 6 months after matriculation (8 months for part-time students). Student completes the Appointment of Advisory Committee form and obtains signatures of all members of the Graduate Committee.  Submit the form to the Graduate Studies office to be approved by the Dean for Graduate Studies prior to the first committee meeting.
Initial meeting of Advisory Committee plus Program of Studies Within 7 months after matriculation (9 months for part-time students). Discussion of selected coursework and students Thesis or Non-Thesis options.  Student completes and submits the Program of Studies form to the Graduate Studies office. 
Prepare Individual Development Plan By the end of the 1st year of Graduate study.  Most UNMC programs recommend use of myIDP. Contact your Graduate Program Director to confirm exactly which IDP tool/format is recommended. Submit the IDP Summary to the Graduate Program Director.
Routine meetings of the Advisory Committee Every 6 months until completion of degree Advisor provides short summary of progress since the most recent meeting and Advisory Committee provides feedback.  The summary of progress should include research data and updates on coursework, publications, presentations, and awards.  Student or advisor submits minutes of the meetings to Graduate Program Director and Graduate Studies office.
Apply for Graduation By February 1 for May Graduation Apply on-line using the CARE website - select Campus Records then Online Forms and complete the Degree Application plus pay a $25 Degree Application Fee. 
By June 1 for August Graduation
By October 1 for December Graduation
Request for Comprehensive Examination  2 weeks prior to the examination. Student submits the Request for Scheduling Qualifying or Comprehensive Examination form to the Graduate Studies office. 
Comprehensive Exam Report Form The Comprehensive Exam must be passed at least 1 week prior to the time the final Oral Exam is scheduled and no sooner than 10 months prior to completion of degree.    Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam, the student completes the Examination Report Form signed by the student and the Advisory Committee, then sends to the Graduate Studies office within 7 days after completing the Comprehensive Exam.
NOTE: For Non-Thesis students your project must be completed within 10 months of completing degree requirements plus be presented to the Advisory Committee at least 4 weeks prior to the end of the term of anticipated graduation.
Application for Final Oral Examination Thesis Students:  The Oral Examination must be completed 2 weeks prior to completion of degree.  Student must submit the Application for Final Oral Examination form to the Graduate Studies office at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam. Upon completing the Final Oral Exam the Exam Report form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies office within 7 days following the exam.
Completion of Requirements and Thesis to Library One week prior to completion of degree. 1. Thesis to Library   2. Both Thesis and Non-Thesis students submit the Completion of Requirements form to the Graduate Studies office.