Graduate Students of Distinction

Graduate Studies honors the outstanding accomplishments of UNMC graduate students who have received national or international recognition.

Recognition as a Graduate Student of Distinction is reserved for students who have received a fellowship based on review of applications from a national/international pool of candidates (NIH, NSF, AHA, etc.), an award based on presentation of research results at a national meeting (abstract-based travel awards do not qualify), appointment to a standing committee of a national scientific society or professional association (ASPET, AAI, APS, AHA, AAUW, etc.), or similar accomplishments.  Please notify us of any major honors received by UNMC graduate students by sending the relevant information (e.g., award notification email) and a recent headshot to

Alumni who have received the award can be viewed here.

Distinguished students include:

Crystal M. Epstein

Duy Ha

Duy M. Ha

Duy Ha

Peter R. Pellegrino

Peter Pellegrino

Michael E. Price

Michael Price

Shamma Shakila Rahman

Shamma Rahman

Tyler D. Scherr

Tyler Scherr

Anand Suresh

Anand Suresh

Swati M. Surkar

Swati Surkar

Heather A. Talbott

Heather Talbott

Bangchen Wang

Bangchen Wang

Rebecca A. Wilshusen

Rebecca Wilshusen