Registration will open for Summer and Fall 2014 on April 15. All students should utilize MyRecords to register for classes online. Please see the following document titled, "Registration Instructions" for directions on how to register. Please note: If your Outlook Exchange password does not work, please try your Firefly password.

You are required to maintain full-time enrollment in order to maintain your Graduate Assistantship stipend, as well as student health insurance (Macori) and other full-time benefits (exemption from certain payroll tax withholding). Please register as early as possible and finalize any changes to your registration prior to the last date to add classes. After the final add date, you will not be permitted to make changes to your registration that will reduce your course load to less than full-time, or to add any hours in order to regain full-time status. Please double-check your registration to ensure that you have the required hours for full-time status (see notes below regarding Ph.D. Candidacy). While you are permitted to drop courses during the drop period, the same as any other student, this could have very drastic effects on your graduate assistantship, your student health insurance and other aspects of your academic program.  Please keep these things in mind when registering.

Registration tips for students in the basic sciences is available. Please see the following document titled, "Registration Tips for Basic Science Students".

The Planner is a tool which assists students in the planning of their coursework needed to fulfill program requirements as well as graduation requirements. Please see the following document titled, "Planner Instructions" for directions on how to use this tool.

For registration guidelines, important dates (including ADD/DROP dates) and reminders, please see the following documents:
NOTE: PhD Candidates are students who have completed their comprehensive exams and have been admitted to Candidacy by the Graduate Studies Office.

          Graduate Student Registration for Spring 2014

**If you have achieved PhD Candidacy (i.e. completed your Comprehensive Exam and been recommended to Candidacy), you are not required to register for 9 credit hours to maintain full-time student status. You only need to register for one Dissertation credit hour (999) plus any other departmentally required courses (Seminar, etc.) and you will still be considered a full-time student.

REMINDER: If you are receiving a stipend from your department or Graduate Studies and are working as a Graduate Assistant on the UNMC Campus, you MUST be registered as a full-time student every semester, including summer. Please see the Registration Guidelines above for more information.

NOTE: Non-Degree Applications are accepted during a six-week period prior to the start of the semester. Click HERE to start your application during this time frame.
Students who wish to take graduate courses for professional growth, improvement of skills, or transfer of course credits to a degree program at another institution, but who do not anticipate working toward an advanced degree at UNMC, may register as non-degree students subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must comply with all requirements for admission to the Graduate College (see link to the left).
  • The student must provide official transcripts reflecting receipt of an undergraduate degree or higher.
  • The student must comply with all UNMC policies regarding student immunizations prior to registration as well as all Compliance Training Requirements assigned.
  • Registration for each course taken as a non-degree student is subject to the approval of the course instructor and the Dean for Graduate Studies. In courses with limited enrollment, preference is given to degree-seeking students with full graduate standing.
  • Readmittance as a non-degree student requires completion of a new application each semester. The application fee is waived for current non-degree students continuing their studies into the next semester. Readmittance is contingent upon the student maintaining the same academic standards as degree-seeking graduate students.

Should such students subsequently desire to pursue an advanced degree, they may change their status from non-degree to full graduate standing by submission of a complete application to the Graduate College as a degree-seeking student and admission into an appropriate program by the Dean for Graduate Studies.
Appropriate credits earned in the non-degree status may be used to fulfill graduate degree requirements only if approved by the program Graduate Committee, the student’s Supervisory Committee, and the Dean for Graduate Studies. No more than one-third of the course work applied toward a graduate degree may be taken as a non-degree student. 

If you wish to register for classes at a University of Nebraska campus outside your own (UNO, UNL, UNK), please submit an Inter-campus form to get permission to register at that campus. Your Student ID for this purpose is your 8-digit NUID.
**Please note: It is important to check the registration deadlines of each campus. If you are a UNO, UNK or UNL student wanting to take a course at UNMC, you will need to register by UNMC's registration deadline. In addition, UNMC Graduate Assistants that receive tuition remission from the Graduate College must report their intercampus registration every semester in order to have their non-UNMC tuition remitted. Students who need to maintain full-time enrollment should also report all intercampus registration to avoid losing any full-time student benefits such as student health insurance and access to the Student Health Clinic.

Employment and Registration
Graduate students holding major fellowships or traineeships are expected to be enrolled in a full program of studies and are not to engage in other remunerative employment without permission of the Dean for Graduate Studies.

Graduate students who are not employed, or graduate research assistants who are performing duties that are 100 percent thesis/dissertation related, may register for a maximum of 15 credit hours during a semester, 6 credit hours during one five-week summer session, 9 credit hours during one eight-week summer session, or 3 credit hours during a presession.

Graduate students who are employed are not to exceed registration limitations established by the Graduate Council. These limitations reflect the fact that graduate-level course work serves mainly as a guide for independent, scholarly study. Graduate students are expected to master the course subjects and to devote substantial time in independent library and laboratory investigation beyond minimum credit hour requirements. Graduate students who are employed, hold a teaching assistantship, or hold a research assistantship that is not thesis/dissertation related must not exceed the following registration limitations:

Full-time Status

Graduate students requiring certification as full-time students must be enrolled for at least 9 credit hours during a semester, at least 4 credit hours during an eight-week session, or at least 3 credit hours during a five-week session, whether or not the student holds a graduate assistantship. With approval of the Dean for Graduate Studies, students in the final semester of a Master’s degree program or candidates for doctoral degrees registered for fewer than the minimum hours required for a full program may be granted full-time status provided they are not employed more than 20 hours per week (half-time). No classes or hours may be added to a student's registration after the final date to add classes. All registration changes that involve adding classes or hours must be done prior to the final date to add classes.

A course may be audited with the permission of the instructor and the Dean for Graduate Studies provided that the student is academically qualified, there is adequate space and facilities, and the student is interested in the course but does not wish to earn academic credit. The student’s adviser is normally consulted in this process.

Application forms for auditing courses may be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office. The cost for auditing a course is one-half the current resident tuition. Arrangements must be made to audit of a course before the final date for adding a course.

Drops and Withdrawals
Students may drop a course (see below for circumstances where students withdraw from the University) at any time during the first eight weeks of the semester (see information above for consequences to Graduate Assistants who drop below full-time status). After the first week, a grade of "W" will appear on the transcript. The approval of the student’s adviser, the instructor of the course, and the Dean for Graduate Studies is required. No student may drop a course after the deadline dates unless the student is able to demonstrate that conditions unforeseen at the time of registration, such as illness, will not permit continuance in the course. These unforeseen conditions will in no case be considered to include unsatisfactory scholarship.

Students withdrawing from the University are required to initiate their withdrawals in the Office of Academic Records. Grades are assigned by the instructor on the date of withdrawal. A grade of WP is given if the student is considered to be doing passable work; a grade of WF is given if the student is considered to be doing failing work at the time. The withdrawal form must be completed with appropriate signatures to insure appropriate entries for the permanent record.