EngAge Wellness                                                     SPA SERVICES
                     By Doris Flott - Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Cosmetologist & Certified Nursing Assistant
                                                           (Please call 402-552-7210 to make an appointment)

Swedish Massage - 1 hour By appointment  $44.25 $50.15 $59.00 
This modality is predominately for relaxation. There are five basic strokes used in massage, each of which has a definite purpose. The strokes used and pressures applied are geared to meet the objective of the massage. Pressure is adjusted to the person/body part being massaged, along with constant communication with the client, to insure pressure does not exceed the client's tolerance level. Passive joint movements are also part of the massage.
Massage - 30 mins By appointment    $25.50  $28.90   $34.00
Relieve soreness in specific areas. Good for muscle tone, skin, blood pressure, and much more!
Spa Manicure By appointment    $18.00    $20.40   $24.00 
Treat yourself to this relaxing spa manicure. Manicure includes: Soaking the hands in a warm water solution; nail filing; nail cleaning; cuticle push; soothing massage of the fingers, hands and forearms; and a beautiful polishing of the nails (if desired).
Spa Pedicure By appointment    $29.25   $33.15  $39.00 
Healthy, feet are happy feet! This spa pedicure focuses on the care of the skin and wellness of the circulation and includes: A warm foot bath; cuticle push; clipping and/or filing of the nails; exfoliation of the feet; application of a soothing foot mask; massage of feet and legs (up to the knees); cleaning of the toe nails; and a beautiful polishing of the nails (if desired).
PACKAGE SPECIAL: Massage, Manicure & Pedicure as described above: $76.50 Premium, $88.70 Basic, $107.00 Non-Participant.  

Book a Manicure & Pedicure together, get $5.00 off.

Add-On Services are also available:

  • Paraffin dip with a manicure or pedicure: $8.00
  • Paraffin treatment (for the hands) with scrub: $13.00
  • Paraffin treatment (for the feet) with scrub: $18.00

  • Polish only (hands): $8.00
  • Polish only (feet): $13.00
  • Specialty Polish: Additional $8.00

  • Soothing Eye Treatment: $18.00
    (Calms away puffiness & dark circles).

  • Brow Waxing: $14.00
  • Chin or Lip: $10.00