Exercise is Medicine®

Exercise is Medicine®

A Whole New Prescription
What if there was one medicine so powerful in maintaining and improving health that it could treat dozens of disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity?  

There is.  Exercise is Medicine!
Refer your patients 50 years or older to UNMC’s EngAge Wellness “Exercise is Medicine®” program.  This program includes:

  • Free two week participation in the EngAge Wellness program.
  • Functional Fitness Assessment (Senior Fitness Test) & Balance Assessment.
  • Individualized fitness program designed by a degreed exercise science professional.
  • One-on-one orientation to patient’s fitness program.
  • Option to participate in a whole-person wellness goal setting session facilitated by a trained wellness coach.
  • Option to participate in group movement classes (T’ai Chi, toning, dance basics, stretching, etc.)
  • Referral to other appropriate services to reach patient wellness goals.
  • Communication back to the referring health care provider regarding patient’s participation and progress.

Health care provider instructions for EngAge Wellness “Exercise is Medicine®” program:

  1. Assess patient’s exercise habits as a vital sign at each patient visit and encourage patient to by physically active.
  2. Refer appropriate patients to EngAge Wellness “Exercise is Medicine®” program (minimum of 50 years).
  3. Complete the Prescription & Referral Form online, submit referral via One Chart (in "Meds & Orders" enter "Engage" or "Wellness"), or fill out the printable version and fax it back to 402-552-7209.  Patient will be contacted to schedule an appointment.
  4. Provide patient with the Your Health Care Provider Prescribed an Exercise Program Rx.
  5. You will receive communication regarding patient’s participation and progress (at the end of the two weeks and again at 3-6 months if the patient joins EngAge Wellness). 

Please contact EngAge Wellness at 402-552-7210 for Prescription & Referral forms and/or Your Health Care Provider Prescribed an Exercise Program Rx pads. 

If you would like a short presentation to your health care provider team regarding the UNMC EngAge Wellness “Exercise is Medicine®” program, please contact Jeannie Hannan, Wellness Manager Jeannie.Hannan@unmc.edu  402-552-7227

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