PAL Resources

Animal Facility Requirements  
CM Cage Cards Bulletin                                                                                                              
Concerns of Overcrowding 3 Line Wire
Preventative Strategies to Assist Researchers at UNMC Bulletin
Animal Health Records - Perioperative Monitoring  
Post-Surgical Procedural Care 3 Line Wire
Rodent Surgery Log Requirements 3 Line Wire/Bulletin
Euthanasia 3 Line Wire
Grant Advanced Account Bulletin
Regulatory Oversight of the UNMC/UNO ACUP Bulletin
Pharmaceuticals Updates - DEA  
Anesthetic Exhaust Canisters 3 Line Wire
Current Status - Sodium Pentobarbital (Nembutal) Live Wire
Drug Labeling Information for Secondary Containers 3 Line Wire
Managing Drug Inventory Problem Live Wire
MS222 Update Live Wire
Pharmaceutical Grade Agents 3 Line Wire
Pharmaceutical Management for Animal Use Bulletin
Protocol Requirements  
Animal Contact 3 Line Wire
Approval for the Use of Anesthetics Gas 3 Line Wire
Experienced Personnel who Provide Protocol Specific Training 3 Line Wire
Know Your Protocol Bulletin
Training For Animal Users Bulletin
Regulatory Updates  
2013 Update for Regulatory Accreditation Requirements Bulletin
USDA Annual Inspections Q&A Bulletin
Reporting Concerns  
Animal Welfare Reporting Concerns Bulletin
Reporting Concerns 3 Line Wire
Semiannual Inspections  
How Safe is Your Laboratory Bulletin
Preparing for Laboratory Inspection Bulletin
IACUC Inspection 101 Bulletin