H-1B Sponsorship Info for Departments

H-1B Sponsorship Information

  • The H-1B Visa is employer-sponsored. Therefore, it is the employer, not the applicant, who decides to pursue this status for an employee.
  • H-1B approvals are position, salary, and employer specific. Changes in any of these categories after the H-1B has been approved often necessitates a new H-1B petition.
  • New H-1B's cost $825 and H-1B extensions cost $325.
  • The approval can be granted for a maximum of three years and can be extended for another three years. House Officers are generally only approved for H-1B status in one-year increments because Temporary Education Permits (TEP) are only valid for one year.
  • The procedure for extending H-1B status is identical to new H-1B status, subsequent H-1B status, and amended H-1B status due to a change in employment.
  • The hiring unit will need to complete a form to show salary information on current employees within the unit who have similar job titles or job description. International Health & Medical Education will provide a form for this purpose.
  • The hiring unit must agree to pay return airfare for the applicant and any H-4 dependents to the applicant's home country if the department terminates the employment before the H-1B approval expires. This stipulation is not required in the case of voluntary termination.
  • The entire process of applying for an H-1B Visa generally takes four months. This can be changed to five weeks if Premium Processing is used ($1,225 additional). If a prospective employee already has H-1B status, he/she may begin employment at UNMC as soon as the H-1B petition is received by US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Hiring departments are charged a preparation fee for each H-1B petition. The fee for a new H-1B is $750 for UNO departments. These charges are to be paid by the hiring department, not the employee. The Premium Processing fee of $1,225 is optional and may be paid by the hiring department or the employee.
  • Other government agencies involved with the process are the Nebraska Department of Labor and the US Department of Labor.
  • Completion of the Department Request for H-1B Petition begins the H-1B application process. This form can be found by clicking the link in the left column for Electronic Forms.