UNL INBRE Mentors-Biological Sciences Engineering

Angela K. Pannier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
E-mail: apannier2@unl.edu

Research Interests:  The overarching goal of the Pannier Lab is to understand the mechanisms which render cells responsive to DNA transfer, concentrating on the extracellular environment of the cell, as well as the intracellular processes and subsequent signaling involved during nonviral gene delivery.  The Pannier Lab is also interested in developing new physical and chemical methods of nonviral gene delivery that facilitate the application of gene transfer to tissue engineering scaffolds.  In particular, we are investigating the ability of novel biopolymers, including storage proteins of corn and wheat, to deliver nucleic acids. Furthermore, we are utilizing novel imaging and probing techniques, using a scanning probe microscope to study cellular processes, including transfection kinetics, at the single cell level.  The experimental approaches developed in our lab provide valuable insights to the gene delivery field, and our goal is to translate our discoveries to biotechnological and tissue engineering applications.

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