UNL INBRE Mentors-Nutrition & Health Sciences

Janos Zempleni, Ph.D.
E-Mail:  jzempleni2@unl.edu
Research Interests:  Janos Zempleni studies roles of the vitamin in the repair and metabolism of DNA.  His research team has shown that the vitamin biotin binds covalently to a group of DNA-binding proteins named histones.  Zempleni has identified two major functions of biotin binding to histones.  First, he has shown that binding of biotin to histones mediates repair of DNA double-strand breaks.  Second, he has shown that binding of biotin to histones is important for maintaining genomic stability during cell division.  Both DNA repair and maintenance of genomic stability are essential processes in the prevention of malignant transformation of cells, i.e., the first step in cancer development.  Zempleni looks at the physiological significance of binding of biotin to histones from various angles: biochemistry/molecular biology, DNA metabolism, cancer/cell biology, and human nutrition.

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