UNO College of IS&T Mentor-Bioinformatics

Hesham H. Ali, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Bioinformatics Core Facility

Research Interests:  Bioinformatics.

Dr. Hesham Ali is a Professor of Computer Science and Bioinformatics at UNO. He is also the director of the UNO Bioinformatics Core Facility and the deputy director for computational sciences of the Nebraska Informatics Center for Life Center. His current research interests focus on Bioinformatics and mobile technologies. He has published numerous articles in scheduling, distributed systems, wireless networks, and Bioinformatics. He has also published two books in scheduling and graph algorithms, and four book chapters in Bioinformatics. He has been leading a Bioinformatics Research Group at UNO since 1999 that focuses on developing innovative computational approaches to identify and classify biological organisms. The research group is currently developing a new tool for assembling short reads obtained from high throughput next generation sequencing devices, as well as employing a novel correlation networks model for studying aging and the impact of drugs/diseases on the aging process. The group is also interested in developing Genome Wide analysis Tools using virtual CGH and SNP studies. He has also been leading two funded projects for developing secure wireless infrastructure and using wireless technologies to address tracking and monitoring issues in medical environments.

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