Year 1 of the INBRE Scholars Program starts the summer between your sophomore and junior year. Attendance at the first two days of the Research Foundations Workshop is crucial and mandatory. Lectures on "use of animals in research," "responsible conduct in research," "radiation and basic lab safety," as well as talks focusing on an introduction to bioinformatics, gene sequencing and the other INBRE supported research cores are conducted. After these first two days you will begin your exciting summer research project in the lab of your chosen mentor. Every Monday during the 10 week summer research experience, you will travel to UNL, Creighton University or UNMC to hear talks from cutting edge scientists about their work and also travel to local biotech companies to learn other areas of scientific interest. At the end of the summer, you'll attend the annual INBRE meeting in August, where you will present a 15 minute oral presentation of the work you did over the summer.

When you return to your home campus and begin your junior year, you will be placed with an INBRE faculty associate to work with them on their various INBRE supported research, which you can learn more about by clicking on the faculty members name under the Participating Institutions tab and the name of your campus. Scholars are required to participate in the Nebraska Academy of Sciences annual meeting each April where you will present a 15 minute talk on your current research project.