Brian Keegan

 1. Where is your hometown and where did you do your medical school training?

 I was born in Omaha, but really grew up in Phoenix AZ where I went to high school and college then came back for medical school at UNMC.

 2. Why did you choose UNMC for your residency training?

 I picked UNMC because I felt it was one of the few Internal Medicine departments that is well known for truly putting general internal training first without sacrificing research opportunities, access to subspecialty rotations and faculty, or fellowship training.

 3. What is your favorite thing about Omaha, NE?

 The people. Omaha is full of down to earth, friendly, and energetic people which makes it a great place to train.

 4. What do you like to do away from work?

 Traveling, hiking, reading, spending time with friends and family.

 5. What are your plans after residency?

I plan on working as a hospitalist, hopefully in Nebraska.