Anti-Coagulation Clinic

The anti-coagulation clinic is a point-of-care clinic offering instant lab results and one-on-one education with a registered nurse specializing in anti-coagulation therapy.

It is a service to provide quality point of care anti-coagulation management to patients and minimize adverse events associated with anti-coagulation therapy. We strive to provide comprehensive and continuous education to the patient, family and caregivers to increase understanding and the importance of compliance with the therapy.

Goals and Objectives

  • improve patient compliance through education, empowerment and reinforcement
  • increase patient and physician satisfaction
  • maintain > 65% of patients in therapeutic range as measured by INR levels
  • decrease number of patients with critical INR levels

Patients can be seen for their anti-cogaulation needs at both Heart Center locations:

Durham Outpatient Center

Oakview Medical Building