Lipid/Risk Services Clinic

The purpose of this clinic is to manage cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors in all patients with and without existing heart disease. We provide comprehensive services in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and continuing evaluation of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

  • services such as exercise prescriptions, diet management, smoking cessation, extensive education and counseling to modify your cardiovascular risk factors and counseling to effectively manage your cholesterol medication.
  • management and consultation of cholesterol disorders.
  • patient results and outcomes of the management process.

What you can expect:

  • Complete assessment of risk factors including extensive medical, family, social, current life-style and financial status regarding ability to finance cholesterol-lowering medication if needed.
  • Screening for education deficits in exercise and knowledge of disease.
  • Additional screening for other barriers that influence life-style changes such as financial status and psychological factors such as depression.
  • Diagnosis of specific cholesterol disorders and additional risks.
  • Treatment based on National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines, mutually decided upon by patient and lipid clinic.
  • Evaluation and feedback of cholesterol results by using graphs and other visual materials.
  • Counseling on nutrition, exercise and modification of other risk factors based on your needs and preferences.

To find out more about our services please call (402) 559-8888 or -800-97HEART (4-3278).