Fellowship Curriculum Goals & Objectives

The goals of the Geriatric Fellowship program include development of three main areas. First, mastery of knowledge, skills and attitudes in a clinical setting in geriatric medicine. Second, interpreting and developing research is imperative. For the 1 year training tract the goals of research are to attain the ability to interpret medical literature and gain basic understanding of research design methodologies. For the 2 year training tract the goal is to produce published or publishable research. Third, the program focuses on teaching. The fellow will develop and refine skills as a teacher of medicine.


Rotations & Activities for year 1 and 2 training tracts

I) Rotation

Year 1 (for both 1 & 2 year tracts)( for more explanation see below)



Acute-Subacute Care

2 months

Geriatric Psychiatry with Urology

2 months

Geriatric Assessment Clinic (GAC) plus Wound Care

2 months

VA: Geriatric Evaluation and Management Clinic (GEM), Palliative Care Consults Team and Clinic (PCCT), Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)

2 months


1 month

PM & R

1 month

LTC with Dr. Keller *

2 months

II) Longitudinal Experience (ongoing for both 1 & 2 year tracts)

  1. Geriatric Primary Care Clinic
    Management of geriatric primary care patients by fellows in one-half day clinic per week
  2. Nursing Home
    Management of fellows' nursing home patients and monthly rounds with attendings. 
  3. Home Visits
    1. During Acute Care rotation (as follow up to hospital discharges)
    2. For fellows' own patients with needed.
    3. Home Base Primary Care - OVAMC
  4. Hospice Care
    1. During VA Palliative Care Consults Team and Clinic (PCCT)
    2. As indicated on fellow's own patients
  5. Research (2 year tract only) 
    One-half day per week for development of research focus and activities.

III) Additional Educational Activities

Fellow's lecture series

Thursday & Mondays .....(noon).....weekly
Geriatric psychiatry lecture series TBA
Case conference Mon............(noon)
Geriatric didactic series Series of 10 basic geriatric lectures in July
Morbidity/Mortality Conference Wed........(noon).....last Wednesday of month
Journal Club Tues....(evenings)...1st Tues of the month 
Research Conference Tuesday....(noon)...1st week of the month
National meetings AGS, GSA, AMDA Attend one meeting annually

Rotations and Activities for year 2
I) Rotation

VA: Geriatric Evaluation and Management Clinic (GEM), Palliative Care Consults Team and Clinic (PCCT), LTC (supervisory) and Medical Director

2 months
Acute-subacute care

2 months


2 months


6 months

II) Longitudinal Experience (continue as in year 1)

III) Additional Educational Activities

Fellow lecture series (optional)


Geriatric psychiatry lecture series (optional)


Case conference

Tues...(noon)...except 1st week

Journal Club

Tues...(evening)..1st Tues of the month

Research Conference

Tues...(noon)...1st week of the month

National meetings: AGS, GSA, AMDA

attend 1 meeting annually