Geriatric Orientation Checklist

           Tasks/Responsibilities                     Explanation                                                                 
  Weekend/Weekday Admits: M-F 8am-5pm GS-HO*, 5pm — 8am inpatient ward team. Sat/Sun: 8am-5pm on call for geriatrics, 5pm — 8arn inpatient ward team
  Night Coverage 5pm — 8 am: Ward team on call for inpatients
  Coverage during resident clinic times Admits: 1st choice: the geriatric fellow (if they are on Acute care rotation), 2nd choice: the geriatric medicine attending. The fellow or attending will alert the geriatric medicine H.O. of admission. The geriatric service H.O. would then be expected to see the patient after clinic to complete any part of the admission.
  Call  See monthly schedule,
Phone Calls cover: outpatient, & NH patient
-please freely consult appendix regarding overnight phone calls On call phone slips: Fill out for each call, place in mail boxes next day
  Sending patients to ER  Always call ED, talk to ED physician, indicate pt if admission needed should go to Geriatrics. If admission likely, speak with in house physician who will receive patient. 
(prior to weekends & nights) 
Inpatient check-out/check-in:
-GS-HO or fellow "going- off" (5pm) and "coming on" (8 am) must contact HO on night-call for inpatient ward team for check out.
-Printed check-out list preferred ( name, MR!, room, code status, important medical issues) 
  Rounds (timing)  -set rounds, review times of GS-HO personal clinic days 
  GAC Clinic  -attend 1 GAC during month on Wed. & Fri.
(See schedule for designated times) 
  Didactic attendance  -required attendance. Where & when ( see schedule)
  Pre-Test/Post-Test -Pre-Tests are provided at beginning of rotation and Post-Tests are sent via campus mail toward end of rotation (If questions - see Travis Weyant at 9-3964) 
  Educational resources -show where resident's computer is.
-GRS CD and book
-give resident pearl card "deck"
-explain Pearl Card elaboration access and other web based resources at (
-Set expectation for HO to complete Hospital Admission Orders on Pearl Card site within the first week
-DVD library ( ask Travis to show) 
  Sick days Contact attending as soon as aware you will be unable to perform duties
  M & M Lecture  Resident is responsible for giving M&M Lecture (usually on last Wed. of the month).