IHI Courses for UNMC Family Medicine Residents

Dr. Malloy has selected these three modules for you and requests that the modules be completed during your rotation.

Step 1: Select University of Nebraska Medical Center Geriatrics as your organization.

  • Register
    If you are already registered, you may scroll down directly to "Step 2"
  • Fill out the registration form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Once you reach "Your Organization" click the link as seen here.


  • Search for University of Nebraska Medical Center Geriatrics by entering the search criteria exactly as pictured below. Enter "Omaha" for City/Town even if you are located elsewhere. Click Next.
  • If you are prompted to select an organization, select University of Nebraska Medical Center Geriatrics and click Next.
  • You will notice that your organization has changed on the original form.

  • Complete the remainder of the form and click Submit Registration.

          You are now registered under the correct organization.

Step 2: Go to the Course Homepage at the following link:

You must take the following three courses. Please click one of them to begin.

    • L101    So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care
    • PS 101 Fundamentals of Patient Safety
    • PS 103 Teamwork and Communication
  • Choose a lesson or click View the Next Uncompleted Lesson in this Course.
  • The next screen will describe the lesson you have selected. Click the Begin Lesson or Review Lesson link, whichever appears.

    Registration for IHI Course
  • You will be prompted to opt-in to the University of Nebraska Medical Center subscription. Select yes and click continue.

You will now appear in University of Nebraska Medical Center's reports as having completed the lessons. If you have questions or concerns about the IHI Courses, you may contact Denise Kreski by email at or by phone at 402-552-7205 Enjoy!