Where in Omaha:
"Select Hospital" (located near Bergan Mercy Hospital)

Who is it for?
For: Medically complex
      •   Clinical & ancillary support services on site


  • Inpatient 3 nights
  • Expected LOS at LTACH: 25 days or more
  • Pt's condition requires:
    • frequent physician monitoring
    • highly skilled level of care

What constitutes highly skilled level of care?
Examples Patient Types:

  • Long term ventilators
  • Long term parenteral antibiotics
  • Extensive decubitus or wound care
  • TPN
  • Negative air flow room needs
  • Multiple IV medications
  • Combinations of > 4 treatments (e.g. nebs, IV's wound care)
    Bottom line: ask social work to see if person qualifies

What is it?

  • Licensed as a hospital
  • Intensive nursing care and high-tech support
  • For medically unstable adults with complicated injuries or illnesses
  • LTACH is a "hospital within a hospital"
  • This setting is reimbursed like any other hospital but is specialized for the complex patient requiring extended care

Who is their attending physician while they are in an LTACH?
LTACH has list of it's own physicians. (you relinquish care to the LTACH physician while the patient is there)