Geriatric M&M Conference

The Geriatrics Division's series of teaching conferences includes a monthly morbidity and mortality conference, in which an instructive case is presented and discussed among a group of faculty, fellows, and various other learners. You will see from your enclosed schedule that the M&M conference is held at noon on the last Wednesday of the month in the Steven Conference Room. You are responsible to choose the case to present, and to facilitate discussion of important teaching points.

Which cases are best to discuss in this format? It's probably best to choose...

  1. Cases in which there was an unexpected death. Did the death occur in the hospital, or shortly after hospital discharge to another site?
  2. Cases in which there appear to have been missed opportunities to prevent death or injury, or to make an important (from the patient's point of view) diagnosis.
  3. Cases in which real-time prognostication was a challenge in the patient's care. What prognostic learning points can be shared? Were goals-of-care discussions held with patient and family or surrogates?
  4. Cases in which issues of symptom control and maintenance of dignity were prominent.
  5. Cases in which there were problems with systems breakdown, or communication problems, or quality-of-care or patient safety challenges.
  6. Cases you will remember long after your Geriatrics rotation is over, for whatever reason.

Case presentations can be prepared via PowerPoint or paper handouts. The format is somewhat loose, but try to encourage discussion among the participants, try to leave your audience with two or three pearls of wisdom, and consider bringing copies of a recent paper that touches on key issues that arose in the care of your patient. (We can help with photocopying.)