Nancy and Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Scholarship Fund Award

President and Mrs. ReaganPresident and Mrs. Reagan dedicated themselves to helping accelerate Alzheimer's research. In 1995 they joined with the Alzheimer's Association to create the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute. This Institute, with its focus on cutting-edge basic science, enabled the Association to develop the biological segment of its research program and move toward funding innovative research aimed at precise molecular targets. To honor President Reagan's memory the Kinman-Oldfield Family Foundation has established the Nancy and Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Scholarship Fund Award. Each year the award recognizes students and very early investigators pursuing initial work in Alzheimer's research.

Research Award Recipients:

2005 Prasad Padala, M.D.

2006 Heather Titman, M.D.

2007 Kalpana Padala, M.D.

2008 Daniel Flaherty

2009 Natalie Manley

2010 Richard Carlson, Jr.

2011 Crystal Reyelts

2012 Bradley Witbrodt