Gastroenterology & Hepatology (GI)

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Patient Care

Colonoscopy is recommended once every 10 years beginning at age 50 both men and women. To schedule a colonoscopy, contact your primary care doctor or call 800-922-0000 to make an appointment. Your primary care provider may call 402-559-8503 directly to schedule your procedure. To obtain results please call 402-559-6209

Endoscopy Locations
We are pleased to announce that we now perform procedures at three Nebraska Medical Center locations: University Hospital, Clarkson Tower and Village Pointe Endoscopy Center.

The Nebraska Medical Center - University Hospital

  • Procedures are performed in the Endoscopy Center on the 2nd floor of University Hospital.
  • Enter the hospital at the Durham Outpatient Care Center and check in at Access Services on the first floor.
  • After checking in proceed to the Endoscopy Center located on the 2nd floor, directly behind the escalator leading to the 3rd floor.

The Nebraska Medical Center - Clarkson Tower  

  • Procedures are performed in the Endoscopy Suite on the 1st floor of Clarkson Tower.
  • Please call Access Service 2 days prior to your procedure to register 1-800-552-8802.

The Nebraska Medical Center - Village Pointe Endoscopy Center

  • 111 N 175th Street Omaha, Nebraska 68118


Patient appointments take place in the Durham Outpatient Care Center located at 4400 Emile Street.

  • Enter the Durham from the circular drive entrance
  • Take the elevators on the left to the 5th floor Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Exit the elevator to the left directly into the clinic

    We are pleased to offer complimentary valet parking

Make an Appointment
If consultative services are desired for a new clinic appointment please call 402-559-6040. Our experienced team will triage the patient to most appropriate UNMC physician with respect to nature of illness and urgency.

If you are scheduling a return visit please call 402-559-4015


Important Insurance Information
Patients are responsible for securing necessary insurance referral to satisfy individual policy requirements prior to being seen. If you do not obtain prior approval your insurance may not cover the service. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier prior to your appointment to better understand your policy requirements.