Grant Information

Federal Grants:

State Grants:

  • NE DHHS Cancer & Smoking
  • NE Health Care Cash Fund
  • EPSCoR
  • Disease Grant - LB506

Other Non-Federal Funding Sources

Intramural Grants:

  • NE Bankers Association
  • NE Research Initiative Grants
  • UN Foundation Equipment Requests for Equipment
  • Searle Scholars Program Proposals
  • Edna Ittner Pediatric Research
  • UNMC Tobacco Settlement
  • Educational Technology
  • Bridge Grants
  • Biomedical Research Development
  • Small Grants
  • Mary Kay Ask Charitable Type
  • Mini-Program Project Type Grants
  • New Research Grants
  • Foundation Innovative/Translational Cancer Research

UNMC and other application forms are available for download in PDF format. This information is intended to be used as a guide for planning grant submissions. For exact deadlines, please contact Selaba Travis in the IM Research Office (559-4875); UNMC Sponsored Programs (559-7456); or the VA Research Office (346-8800; Ext. 3541).