Oncology and Hematology

Multidisciplinary Clinic


With the advancements in technology as well as increasing information regarding specific diseases, a multidisciplinary approach to the management of urologic malignancies is becoming increasingly important. Patients with a new diagnosis of prostate cancer, bladder cancer or kidney cancer are often confronted with a number of treatment options. Many of these treatment options have not been compared to each other, making it difficult to truly determine which option is best.

Furthermore, traditional views regarding the use of chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery in the management of these patients are being transformed. This transformation is based on the understanding that some patients will be at higher risk for having their disease return after treatment, requiring a more aggressive plan of action.

At the University of Nebraska Medical Center, we pride ourselves in offering the first multidisciplinary clinic in the state for the care of patients with urologic malignancies. At this clinic, faculty from medical oncology, radiation oncology and urologic surgery are present to assist patients in discerning the best approach to the management of their specific problem. These clinics, which are held on Thursday mornings, involve a review of the patient’s available information by all three disciplines. They perform a full history and physical of the patient, review of the biopsy specimens by a specialized pathologist, and subsequently discuss the best approach for the specific diagnosis. By using this approach, we provide our patients with three valuable opportunities:

  • Patients can have access to physicians from all three disciplines at one visit as opposed to having to go to three different clinic visits.
  • Patients are provided a consensus opinion regarding the management of their specific diagnosis.
  • Patients have an opportunity to openly discuss the pros and cons of various approaches.

Oftentimes, our recommendations require that some additional studies be performed, such as a radiologic study or lab work, prior to a final recommendation for treatment. At this clinic, we welcome patients who will receive their treatment at our medical center as well as those seeking a second opinion for treatment they are receiving elsewhere.

This clinic has been in operation since 2003, and we are very pleased with the satisfaction received by the hundreds of patients who have been seen through this clinic. If you make an appointment with one of the individual specialties, you may find that you will be recommended to be seen through this Multidisciplinary Clinic to take full advantage of the resources listed above.