Public Recognition of Internal Medicine Employees

Public Recognition of Internal Medicine Employees

PRIME Committee:

Division Representative Zip Phone
Administration Rita Laire 3332 9-7539
Cardiology Stacey Therrien 2265 9-7977
Clinical Research Center LuAnne Larson 1230 9-8555
Endocrinology (DEM) Grace Harada 3020 9-6795
Gastroenterology/Hepatology Kelly Lopez 2000 9-6209
General Internal Medicine Mary Slowik 5185 9-2439
Geriatrics Cindy Clark 6155 9-7512
Infectious Diseases Beth LaFave 5400 9-6583
Nephrology Glennys Hirsh 3040 9-9233
Pulmonary, Critical Care Sharon McLean 2465 9-8295
Oncology/Hepatology Lisa Muschall 7680 9-8013
Rheumatology Renee Crosby 3025 9-7288

Internal Medicine Star:

The Internal Medicine Star award is given to those who go above and beyond in performance job responsibilities. Examples of going above and beyond include participation in special projects, heading a committee, community service related to ones division or exceeding expectations in targeted work assignments. If you know of someone in Internal Medicine who meets these criteria complete a nomination form.

Gold U:

The Gold U award recognizes members of the UNMC community who consistently deliver outstanding performance and service to UNMC. Managerial professional and office service employees are eligible for the Gold U Award. Please visit Humans Resources rewards and recognition page for more information.

Silver U:

The Silver U award is given monthly to those who demonstrate consistent performance that exceeds expectations or for those who have made a special achievement. Each winner receives a Silver "U" pin and logo wear and is invited to lunch with the Chancellor. Faculty, staff, trainees and volunteers are eligible; however nominations must be initiated by ones own division. Nomination forms should be submitted to the divisions PRIME representative by the first of the month.

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