Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy

733 Pulmonary Consults M4 Student Rotation

Faculty: UNMC Dr. Austin Thompson and Staff
Periods Offered: Each four weeks
Student Limit: 2
Where to Report: Respiratory Therapy Offices, 5th floor University, Room 5216, 9:00 a.m.
Contact Person: Sheryl Latenser, 402-559-4021

This elective is designed to provide the student with a practical background in Pulmonary Medicine. The students on the service will evaluate hospitalized pulmonary patients with the Pulmonary Consult Team; perform pulmonary consultations and evaluate patients in the UNMC Pulmonary Clinic two mornings each week. The course includes experience in the management of both simple and complex pulmonary problems, including primary care of cystic fibrosis patients. The students will learn interpretation of arterial blood gases and pulmonary function tests. A Blackboard course on Pulmonary Medicine is available and the student will be expected to take the pre-test at the beginning of the rotation and complete the post-test at the completion. There are also a number of didactic lectures scheduled usually at 11:00 a.m. as a topical review. Honors work will require enthusiasm and initiative, as well as student presentations to the Pulmonary Consult team of clinical topics related to clinical problems. This pulmonary rotation is appropriate for a motivated student seeking a broad experience in Pulmonary Medicine.

Activity: Hours/Week
Rounds: 12
Didactic conferences: 2 - 3
Independent learning: Blackboard Pulmonary Medicine Course
Research project: Variable
Independent patient care: Not expected
Clinic: 4
Procedures: 2 - 3



Cystic Fibrosis

Pg. 417-422

Dr. Murphy

Thromboembolic Disease

Pg. 357-372

Dr. Boer

Pharmacology, Pulmonary Rehab and Oxygen Therapy

Pg. 102-104, 299, 303-304, 319, 326, 345-348

Dr. Piquette

Lung Cancer, Nodules & Hemoptysis

Pg. 576-599

Dr. Huebert

Pleural Disease, Chest Wall and Neuromuscular Disease

Pg. 436-438, 613-617

Dr. Boer

PFT/Pre Op Eval.

Pg. 10-18, 53-55, 437

Dr. Boer

Occupational Lung Disease

Pg. Pg. 5, 451-453, 452t

Dr. Von Essen


www.goldcopd.com Guidelines & Resources, Global Strategies

www.thoracic.org (2004) Statements & Guidelines, Standards for the
Diagnosis & Treatment of Patients.

Pg. 200-203

Dr. Rennard


Pg. 265-279

Dr. Poole

Pneumonia Bacterial Typical & Viral Infections

Pg. 109-110, 180-184, 251

Dr. Thompson

Mycobacterial Infection


Dr. Romberger

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Pg. 17-18, 353-54, 393, 437-438, 441-443

Dr. Barkoukis