Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy

Resident Lectures

Topic Facilitator
Cystic Fibrosis Dr. Peter J. Murphy
Pharmacology, Pulmonary Rehab., and Oxygen Therapy Dr. Craig A. Piquette
Asthma Dr. Jill Poole
COPD Dr. Stephen I. Rennard
Sleep Disorders Sleep Fellow
Mycobacterial Infection Dr. Debra Romberger
Occupational Lung Disease Dr. Susanna Von Essen
Thromboembolic Disease Pulmonary Consult Fellow
PFT Preoperative Evaluation Pulmonary Consult Fellow
Pleural Disease Pulmonary Consult Fellow
Pneumonia Bacterial Typical & Viral Infections  Dr. Austin Thompson
Topic Facilitator
Shock/Hemodynamics Dr. Joseph H. Sisson
Mechanical Ventilation Dr. Craig A. Piquette
Septic Shock Mechanical Ventilation Dr. Peter J. Murphy
Airway Management Dr. James Sullivan
ABG Interpretation Critical Care Medicine Fellow
Standard Practices in the ICU Delayne Peterson
Nutrition Barbara Robertson
Vent & Respiratory Protocol Brad Matthiessen

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