Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy

734 UNMC ICU M4 Student Rotation

Faculty: Dr. Piquette and PCCM Staff
Periods Offered: Each four weeks
Student Limit: 2
Where to Report: Clarkson Tower, CKT 8th Floor Conference Room, 9:00 a.m.
Contact Person: Sheryl Latenser, 402-559-4021

This sub-internship offers opportunity for management of critically ill patients, working closely with an ICU supervisory resident, the pulmonary and critical care fellow and attending physician. As a sub-internship, clinical expectations will include primary responsibility for all patients assigned to their care, writing a note each day on their patients to be cosigned by the supervising resident and attending physician, active participation on rounds, and taking in-house overnight call with their supervising resident.

NO vacation may be taken during this rotation so students should schedule residency interviews accordingly.

Learning objectives for this rotation include management of respiratory failure, acute coronary syndrome, acute and chronic renal failure and hyperglycemia among others. The students will be expected to learn interpretations of chest radiographs and common dysrhythmias. They will participate in many bedside procedures and they will be expected to be able to evaluate and recognize patients with a variety of life threatening disorders and participate in their management.

The student will be enrolled in a Blackboard Critical Care Medicine Course and will be expected to complete the pre-test within the first week and the post-test prior to the end of the rotation, to read all the CCM educational material posted on Blackboard and to attend any scheduled didactic lectures.

Honors work will require enthusiasm and initiative, as well as student presentations to the CCM team of clinical topics related to clinical problems. In addition, attending physicians will schedule two hours of student-only contact per week to review presentations and review clinical topics of interest. This ICU rotation is appropriate for a motivated student seeking a high level of intensity of exposure to critical care medicine.

Activity: Hours/Week
Rounds: 24
Didactic conferences: 3
Independent learning: Blackboard CCM Course, approx. 3 hrs/week
Research project: None
Independent patient care: Not expected
Procedures: 2

Didatic Lectures

Ventilator & Respiratory Protocol: Brad Matthiessen

Nutrition: Barbara Robertson, R.N.

Mechanical Ventilation: Craig Piquette, M.D.

Airway Management: James Sullivan, M.D.

Septic Shock/Mechanical Ventilation: Peter Murphy, M.D.

Shock/Hemodynamics: Joe Sisson, M.D.