Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy

Wyatt Lab Currently Funded Research Projects

Agency: NIH-NIAAA (1 R01 AA017993-03)
Title:      MAA adducts and airway injury
Role:      Principal Investigator
Date:      7/15/8-6/30/13

Agency: NIH-NIAAA (3 R01 AA017993-02S1)
Title:      Airway Injury Caused by MAA Adducts
Role:      Principal Investigator
Date:      9/10/9-6/30/13

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA I01BX000728-01)
Title:      Alcohol consumption and RSV infection in airway injury
Role:     Principal Investigator
Date:     10/1/11-9/30/15

Agency: NIH-NIOSH (U54 OH010162/P01-023509)
Title:      ADMA: A Novel Mediator in Organic Dust-Mediated Allergic and Non-Allergic Asthma
Role:      Principal Investigator
Date:      9/01/11-8/31/16

Agency: NIH-NIOSH (1 U54 OH010162-01)
Title:      Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH)
Role:     Director, Research Core (P.I.- Risto Rautianen, PhD)
Date:     10/1/11-9/30/16.

Agency: NIH-NIAAA (1 R24 AA019661-01)
Title:      Clinical Resource for Lung Alcohol Investigators
Role:     Project Director for UNMC (P.I.- Ellen Burnham, MD)
Date:     7/1/11-6/30/16

Agency: NIH-NIAAA (R37 AA008769-19; MERIT)
Title:      Ethanol-Mediated Cilia Motility Dysfunction
Role:     Co-Investigator (P.I. Joe Sisson, MD)
Date:     8/15/06-5/31/15

Agency: NIH-NIOSH (R01 OH008539-06)
Title:      Organic Dust Epithelial PKC Activation in Airway Disease
Role:     Co-Investigator (P.I. Debra J. Romberger, MD)
Date:     8/1/06-7/31/15

Agency: NIH-NIAAA (K08 AA019503-02)
Title:      Biphasic alcohol regulation of TLR2 in airway epithelium
Role:     Mentor (P.I. Kristina Bailey, MD)
Date:     3/1/10-2/28/15

Agency: NIH-NIEHS (R01 ES019325-02)
Title:      Role of pattern recognition receptors in organic dust induced airways disease
Role:     Co-Investigator (P.I. Jill Poole, MD)
Date:     7/1/10-6/30/15