Research Council

The Internal Medicine Research Council (IMRC) is a group that was created as a result of a departmental strategic planning session. The IMRC consists of individual representation from each of the divisions within the Department of Internal Medicine. The Vice-Chair for Research is the designated chair of the IMRC.

The IMRC administers the following Departmental activities:

  • Oversight of the Internal Medicine Annual Research Awards nomination and selection process: Career Excellence in Research; Clinical Research Award; Basic Science Research Award; Fellowship Research Award; Resident Research Award, Post-doctoral Research Award, and Laureate Award for a Visiting Scientist. Current Research Award Winnersand Previous Year's Research Award Winners
  • Investigate mechanisms to increase grant funding aimed at clinical research and basic science research within the department.
  • Integrate the Ph.D. faculty, residents, and fellows to address issues that are research oriented.
  • Serve as a group to review grants/manuscripts on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Set up a mechanism to find grants, awards, and foundations to apply for grants.

Current IMRC Members:

  • Debra Romberger, MD, IMRC Chair, Vice Chair for Research
  • Thomas Porter, MD, Cardiology
  • Brian Lowes, MD, PhD, Cardiology
  • Vijay Shivaswamy, MBBS, Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolism
  • Carol Casey, PhD, VAMC & Gastroenterology/ Hepatology
  • Dahn Clemens, PhD, VAMC & Gastroenterology/ Hepatology
  • Gay Canaris, MD, MSPH, General Internal Medicine
  • Stephen Bonasera, MD, PhD, Geriatrics & Gerontology
  • Andre Kalil, MD,MPH, Infectious Diseases
  • Babu Padanilam, MD, Nephrology
  • Troy Plumb, MD, Nephrology
  • Nicole Shonka, MD, Oncology/Hematology
  • Lisa Muschall, administrator, Oncology/Hematology, alternate 
  • Tricia LeVan, PhD, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy Medicine
  • Geoff Thiele, PhD, VAMC & Rheumatology/ Immunology  
  • Derrick Antoniak, MD, Resident Representative
  • Kara Markin, MD, Resident Representative
  • Sheri Dunbar, Grants Administration Coordinator
  • Selaba Travis, Research Program Associate