Asset Tracking for Sensitive Items

ITS Procedure: Asset Tracking for Sensitive Equipment

** DRAFT ** as of 08/16/2012 **

Effective:  August 27, 2012 (tentative)

The following procedure will be followed to track sensitive asset items which are defined as laptops, tablets and towers that are permanently located in an employee's home for work related purposes.  This will cover sensitive items for the unit of Information Technology Services as well as those units covered under formal Workstation Support Service Level Agreements.  Units with their own IT system administrators are responsible for defining a process for their respective area.

Purchasing Sensitive Items

  1. Del  orders will be processed by Marla Hopson; Mac orders will be processed by Mike Dierks
  2. Delivery Location for all orders is AX10 Room 2061

Receipt of Sensitive Items

  1. Data Installation Services will
    1. Scan the following data elements into Altirus (Serial Number; and PO/Cost Center if available)
      1. Del Orders -- The PO on the packing slip is really the cost center.
      2. Mac Orders will have a PO, but not cost center visible.
    2. Computer Name will be given WSG Staff Member - WO (Mickey Mouse 123456)
    3. Email the WSG that the items are ready for install.
  2. WSG will
    1. Install the Altirus Agent
    2. Rename the computer name according to ITS standards
    3. Encrypt device and note such in Altirus.
    4. Finish entering data elements Altirus which includes _________________________________.
    5. The Altirus Agent will then capture the remaining data elements.